Cleaning Joomla Websites One Step At A Time

By reducing the time websites stay compromised, thus decreasing the value to the criminal hacker we are fundamentally changing the economics of hacking.

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Joomla Expert

Joomla experts are available for project work and ongoing Joomla support.

Expert Joomla development is essential for large and enterprise organisations, we see all too many cases of bad to terrible programming in Joomla powered websites. Any additional features or functionality must be programmed the Joomla way, why use a CMS if you’re going to add random code into a system that has a great development system allowing you to add to it in any way.

Expert Joomla Development

Hire Joomla experts for your custom development, any existing functionality that is coded in PHP, JavaScript, etc can be correctly integrated into Joomla, expert developers know this and build sites, add-ons this way.

Ongoing Expert Joomla Support

If you need ongoing Joomla Support to keep your organisation, enterprise, company or corporation website at the very forefront of your long term goals, hiring a team of full time Joomla professionals is the only option. Digital agencies don’t offer the skills required to keep your Joomla site progressive and stable, they WILL introduce issues and bring your site to its knees. I’ve seen it all too many times.

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Joomla Pharma Hack

How The Pharma Hack Works

Pharma hacks are hacks of legitimate websites that aim to make money by promoting pharmaceutical products, typically Viagra and related erectile dysfunction treatments (regalis, cialis, tadalafil, etc) – unbeknownst to the legitimate site owner or operator.

Often the first thing the operator of the website knows about the hack is when someone reports that the site’s Google search results are hijacked and showing descriptions mentioning Viagra or other pharmaceuticals. Variations of this hack also promote payday loans, casinos and gambling, software downloads or pornography.

One of the biggest problems when informing website owners and operators that their site is the victim of a pharma hack, is that the site continues to display as normal to most visitors – only degrading later as further exploitation gets more aggressive.

This is a form of ‘parasite hosting’ and is one of the worst forms of ‘black hat’ Search Engine Optimisation. In fact many people regard this as beyond the limits of black hat SEO and call it out for what it actually is, plain illegal hacking.

In this series of articles we will look at:

  • the process – how do the hackers do the pharma hack
  • why do they do the pharma hack
  • how can you prevent your site hosting Viagra products
  • how can you check if your website is hosting Viagra products
  • and how to fix/clean/repair/de-hack/remove the pharma hack from your website

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Joomla On Page SEO

The basics of Joomla SEO are different to SEOing other website platforms.

The architecture of categories and menus are not fully controllable on a page by page basis. You have to understand and follow the rules of how a Joomla powered website works.

All too many Joomla developers are not good enough to control the structure of URLs and do not have the SEO knowledge to understand why it is important.

Joomla SEO – Importance Of Page Titles

If you have just a little SEO knowledge, you would be amazed how many websites have the most basic mistakes. Page titles like ‘Home’ or ‘About Us’, these can be used for the text in a menu item but never, never, never for a page title.

Page titles can make up 20% to 95% of your on page SEO strength. If all you have on a page is an image, image alt text, a short meta description and for URL, the page title will be approximately 90% to 95% of your SEO strength.

The number of sites you see with bad page titles is shocking. The page title is the clickable link Google displays in its listings, fail to get this right – fail to rank well.

Joomla SEO – Importance Of Meta Descriptions

The meta description is also very important, it works in conjunction with the page title. The page title tells Google and people what the page is about, the description goes into more detail about different sections contained within the page.

Here is an example:

Page title = Joomla On Page SEO

Meta description = Joomla on page SEO breaks down into six sections: Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Headings, Content, Links/Anchor Text and Image Alt Text/Tiles.

Now you should link the description to the headings, headings range from H1 to H6, I see no reason why any heading should be lower then H3 and that should only be used for side headings on modules. All too many people say there should only be one H1 on a page, if your page title is ‘SEO And Web Promotion’ there is not only no reason why you cannot have two H1s, but you should have two H1s – H1 = SEO and H1 = Web Promotion.

I personally try to use the page title as my first heading(H1), but sometimes I need to alter that. From the description above the headings are obvious but remember the topic of the page and throw a few ‘Joomla On Page SEO’ into the mix.

Joomla SEO – Page Headings

Here is a breakdown of possible headings:

H1 = Joomla On Page SEO

H2 = Page Titles For Joomla SEO

H2 = Meta Descriptions – Joomla SEO

H2 = Joomla On Page SEO – Headings

H2 = Good Content To Improve Joomla On Page SEO

H2 = Links and Anchor Text For SEO

H2 = Image alt text – Image Tiles

If you simply use the words from the description you will be lost in the jungle of websites that use those terms. Adding variasions and bits of ‘Joomla On Page SEO’ builds the articles relevance to the topic and bonds together the page title, meta description and headings.

Good Content For Joomla On Page SEO Strength

You need good quality content, everything so far is to point out what the article is about and mapping where parts of the content are, but if the content is naff the rest has been a waste of time. You can get bad content ranked highly but it will quickly start dropping down the listings. The only way to rank highly and stay there is to have good content that people like and link to, content that reads well and can be of use or interest to people.

Good Anchor Text Is Vital For Joomla SEO

Link text(Anchor text) has been the main ranking factor in Google for some time now, especially when it’s on another powerful site linking into your site. The internal links on your site are also very important, avoid using the ‘read more’ and instead use keyword rich text.

Do Not Use Read More As Anchor Text

If your developer has built you a site and it always uses ‘Read more’ as the anchor text, sack them and hire Dean Marshall Consultancy (that’s us). Just because Joomla sets ‘Read more’ by default that does not mean you should use it.

Think about your menu link text, does it use keywords or are your links ‘Services’ when they should be ‘Joomla Services’. These are not little mistakes they are major issues, a bit here and a bit there might seem unimportant but they are the basics, getting them right will make a big difference to your SEO rankings and Google listings. Get them wrong and you’re probably reading this article!

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What Is Joomla

Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS)

Basically a Content Management System (CMS) is a web based software program that allows you to edit, create and extend your own website. It separates design and layout from content, making adding a new page as simple as:

  1. Writing a document in a software program like Notepad++ and saving it
  2. Going to a menu screen and click ‘New’, then click a browse button to select a type of menu item – similar to the browse system for an attachment in emails
  3. Give the menu item a title
  4. Still within the menu item, browse to find the article you created in step one – exactly the same as attachments in emails or any other file browse system
  5. A one click option to select either a top level menu item (parent), or second/third level menu item (child) – displayed under the parent
  6. Click ‘Save’ – that’s it.

You have now created an article and linked it to a menu.

Joomla is Open Source Software

Basically, it’s free. The core software is free under the ‘GNU General Public License’. The Joomla Project is a community-based project with contributors from all over the world working in many different capacities. For more details visit:-

Joomla! is one of the most powerful Content Management Systems on the planet, powering approximately 3% of sites on the web. It is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Ebay use it for their internal training services, as do Ikea for several different services most of which are customer facing, McDonald’s use it for some customer facing websites and TESCO use the system for Intranets and training applications.

Joomla is easy to install, simple to manage, reliable, and offers the perfect balance of power, flexibility and ease of use. With thousands of developers around the world, this none proprietary system can be further developed easily by many professionals should you have issues with your current developer.