Joomla Pharma Hack

How The Pharma Hack Works

Pharma hacks are hacks of legitimate websites that aim to make money by promoting pharmaceutical products, typically Viagra and related erectile dysfunction treatments (regalis, cialis, tadalafil, etc) – unbeknownst to the legitimate site owner or operator.

Often the first thing the operator of the website knows about the hack is when someone reports that the site’s Google search results are hijacked and showing descriptions mentioning Viagra or other pharmaceuticals. Variations of this hack also promote payday loans, casinos and gambling, software downloads or pornography.

One of the biggest problems when informing website owners and operators that their site is the victim of a pharma hack, is that the site continues to display as normal to most visitors – only degrading later as further exploitation gets more aggressive.

This is a form of ‘parasite hosting’ and is one of the worst forms of ‘black hat’ Search Engine Optimisation. In fact many people regard this as beyond the limits of black hat SEO and call it out for what it actually is, plain illegal hacking.

In this series of articles we will look at:

  • the process – how do the hackers do the pharma hack
  • why do they do the pharma hack
  • how can you prevent your site hosting Viagra products
  • how can you check if your website is hosting Viagra products
  • and how to fix/clean/repair/de-hack/remove the pharma hack from your website

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